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We provide high reliability and quality network services


How it works

Customized service for you

  • BGP optimization
    We use multi wire Network access to automatically select the best route for you
  • Speed up international visits
    We have optimized international routing to speed up your access to other regions

  • Rapid Deployment
    Spin-up a new VM within 30 seconds. Windows may take longer but still faster than most competitors.
  • Latest Operating Systems
    We support all major Linux distributions and Windows versions. Images are built every 24 hours with the latest updates and patches pre-installed.

  • NTT, Arelion, Lumen via Voxility
  • Comcast, Arelion, GTT, Telefonica, Cogent, Cox via CDN77
  • Direct connection to Equinix Internet Exchange


Our Pricing

  • Server - M2A

  • $10/ mo

  • 1 vCore
  • 1 GiB Memory
  • 1 TiB Transfer
  • Server - SEA WOW

  • Starting at $1.88 / mo

  • custom CPU vCore
  • custom Memory
  • 100 GiB Transfer
  • 200G DDOS protection
  • GanFan CDN Service

  • $0.2 / GiB

  • Layer-7 DDoS mitigation.
  • Bot protection.
  • Build, accelerate, and protect at the internet's edge.

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